Next Big Thing

Over the last twenty years, Next Big Thing has grown from a small consumer trends agency into a full service futures agency

Our approach is human-centred. We’ve learned over time that understanding human behaviour and motivation, and mapping it against unfolding events, is the most effective way to predict trends.

We’re on a mission to democratise future forecasting so everyone in an organisation can support an innovative culture and be ready to profit from the ‘next big thing’. Forecasting is a science, but it’s a simple one to understand if you have the right people to help you.

Will Higham founded Next Big Thing in 2002, after ten successful years in the music industry. 

The company’s first high profile job was for the BBC. It helped the BBC identify the potential for a new show called Strictly Come Dancing. A huge UK hit, it was rechristened Dancing With The Stars and became the most popular TV show globally for two years.

Nadia Higham joined the company in 2015, after working on employee change at PwC and elsewhere. The company is also supported by a strong global virtual team of futurists and researchers, from media, fashion, design and academia. They help source trends data, procure expert interviews and moderate seminars.

Will Higham

Founder Will Higham is one of Europe’s most respected futurists and consumer strategists.

He founded Next Big Thing in 2002. He’d spent ten successful years in the music industry, working with artists from The Rolling Stones to Michael Jackson, and was keen to use his understanding of audience trends to benefit other industries.

Since then, he’s informed 1000s of business leaders via talks, consultancy, articles and his book ‘The Next Big Thing’.

He’s spent almost 30,000 hours over the last 15 years analysing trends and their implications for business.

Will is a popular speaker at conferences for brands, media and industry: Barclaycard to Retail Week.

He’s been interviewed across media: BBC to Al Jazeera, The Financial Times to Cosmopolitan. He’s written articles and regular columns for several publications, from The Economist to Ad Week.

Will’s also been the spokesperson for many PR campaigns: Thomas Cook to HSBC.

He’s taken part in academic programmes like Cambridge University’s Open Innovation Forum and acted as a judge on prestigious panels such as WARC Innovation Awards.

Nadia Higham

Co-director Nadia Higham is an experienced and engaging change management consultant. 

She gained her grounding at PwC, excelling in workplace communication strategy.

Nadia specialises in creative stakeholder engagement across complex environments. She has devised award winning workplace campaigns and run workshops for organisations like BP, Royal Mail and Network Rail.

After spending time at a range of management consultancies, Nadia wanted to broaden her change management experience into the futures space.

Nadia joined Next Big Thing in 2015. She brought her understanding of employee change to Will’s knowledge of consumer change.

She oversaw Next Big Thing’s successful expansion into change culture and internal innovation systems consulting.

Nadia understands how to help clients define their own narrative, identify their needs then determine their future in a way that brings people along with them.