Will Higham is one of the world’s most respected behavioural futurists.

He’s informed 1000s of business leaders via his talks, consultancy, articles and book ‘The Next Big Thing’. He’s spent almost 30,000 hours over the last 15 years analysing consumer trends and their implications for business.

Will founded consultancy Next Big Thing in 2002. The company’s worked on strategy and futures for clients from Amazon to HSBC.

Will is also a popular speaker at conferences for brands, media and industry: Barclaycard to Retail Week.

He’s been interviewed across media – BBC to Fast Company – and written for publications from The Economist to Ad Week.

He’s taken part in academic programmes like Cambridge University’s Open Innovation Forum and acted as a judge on prestigious panels such as WARC Innovation Awards.

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Behavioural changes are typically triggered by attitude changes, which themselves are triggered by specific (environmental) events.

By identifying an attitude change - or, better yet, by identifying an event likely to trigger an attitude change - Will is able to predict behaviour changes.

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Next Big Thing Quiz Corner

What percentage marketshare did Nokia lose in just one year after it dropped its focus on innovation in the early '90s