Businesses and govts are living with a disruptive present, and heading to a SciFi future. In the next 10 years, businesses will face a new wave of disruptors: AI  and IOT to new financial and funding models. Tomorrow’s customers and citizens will have very different expectations.

To identify successful strategies, organisations need to understand the future. But today’s challenges rarely leave time to think about tomorrow.

Will removes this problem. He gives clients a clear vision of the future, helping them:

  • Prepare for the future
    What will life be like in the shopping malls and workplaces of the future?
  • Predict demand.Reliably anticipate customers’ expectations, media platforms and purchase drivers.
  • Future-proof strategy. Answer key questions e.g. Will shops survive? How will tech impact supply chains?
  • Avoid me-too strategies. Innovating, not following, is becoming the key to profitability.

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