• 18 Trends to Transform 2018

    I look at the key trends likely to impact business in the UK and Europe this year. Trends that will transform the business environment - and offer growth opportunities for curious and ambitious companies across sectors.
  • Old is the New Young | Ad Week

    Will writes on new generations in Ad Week | "Standard age-related targeting can't be relied on any more. Today many adolescents act like they're 'middle-aged', while older consumers maintain 'adolescent' interests, outlooks and behaviours ..."
  • Make way for ‘smart staff’ | Director

    Will's monthly column on trends in Director | The personal technology employees are using to navigate their lives outside of office hours are improving their skillsets in work-relevant areas. Improved staff skills means improved efficiency, innovation, sales. Greater confidence means more individual and team-based responsibility ...
  • Recession Generation not Gen Z | Huffington Post

    Will writes on today's Teens for Huffington Post | Today's teenagers - the younger brothers and sisters of the Millennials - are very different from the sort of teenager we’re used to. They’re more serious and more realistic - and they're going to drive products, sales and marketing for the next ten years ...
  • Reach future charity consumers | Rathbones

    Will writes on charity trends in Rathbones | The average online donation has grown by 32% over three years to £70. This sounds like good news. But sadly poll after poll shows that the charity sector is not taking enough advantage of the opportunities the Internet offers ...
  • Meet the Recession Generation | Director


    “Teenagers. We know what they’re all about. Like we were at their age, they’re carefree, hedonistic, impetuous, cutting-edge idlers. Like a cooler version of Harry Enfield’s character Kevin The Teenager, right? Well no, not most of today’s teenagers,” says Will Higham. “They’ve strayed far from […]