• A good day out of the office, dear?

    Article by Will on the workplace in The Economist. "The traditional office environment, where a set number of salaried employees work 9-5 in fixed silos, feels increasingly at odds with the contemporary world ..."
  • Second Life Crisis?

    An interview with Will in The Daily Mail. "Trends analyst William Higham says life's becoming more complicated today. 'We begin one life, but we're increasingly starting a second, through choice or accident...'"
  • The search for cool is hot work – FEATURE ON WILL in The Guardian

    “It’s not just about what trousers the kids are wearing,” says William. “It’s about what this says about their attitudes, and where they are going. If they are wearing combat trousers, what does that say about their state of mind and about what they’re likely to be doing next year?”

    Seeking out the trends as they […]

  • how awesome was last week? – Interview with will in fast company

    “Nostalgia bypasses intellect and reaches straight to the heart,” says William Higham, a consumer strategist who has helped brands like the BBC and Universal Music leverage nostalgia. “It makes you feel emotional toward the brand.” …

    For its 10-year-anniversary earlier this year, Facebook automatically generated a “look back” video for each of its users. With […]

  • Monarchy and housing will remain -Interview with Will in Daily Express

    Trends expert William Higham said: “Britons expect – and want – British staples like the monarchy, the BBC, marriage and pubs to continue. But we have embraced innovations like mobile phones, cash machines, fast food, trainers and coffee chains as new traditions we expect to continue in future.”

    The monarchy is such an important part […]

  • How we'll buy property in 2025 – Interview with will in city AM

    “Estate agents will supply their own branded HUD glasses, loaded with many different apps connected to dozens of databases, to enable home- buyers to virtually redesign or practise DIY on any property they are viewing,” says futurist William Higham. …

    Dashing across town to visit a property for sale after work? According to trend analysts, […]

  • The Crystal-Ball Gazers – Will featured in The Independent

    Will Higham spent his early career in the music industry. He
    identified the rise of the older entertainment consumer — “50 quid bloke” — and the
    retro trend. His recent interest is the “Saffys,” teens who, like their Ab Fab namesake,
    eschew the hedonism of their parents for more conservative interests. …

    Leading trend analysts can earn a fortune […]