• Meet the Recession Generation – article by Will in Director

    “Teenagers. We know what they’re all about. Like we were at their age, they’re carefree, hedonistic, impetuous, cutting-edge idlers. Like a cooler version of Harry Enfield’s character Kevin The Teenager, right? Well no, not most of today’s teenagers,” says Will Higham. “They’ve strayed far from our picture of the ‘traditional’ teen.

    A range of major polls […]

  • THE Internet of Thingies – Will FEATURED in The Register

    Questions of security and privacy hovered in and out of view. Consumer trends forecaster, the engaging William Higham, didn’t think surveillance dystopia would come about as he can’t get his printer to talk to his laptop most of the time. … Last week I was asked to offer a few thoughts in a panel discussion […]

  • Someday Today

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  • Grandparents prop up economy – interview with will in daily mail

    William Higham, of consumer trends consultancy Next Big Thing, says: “In difficult economic times families often come together. We’re seeing the beginnings of a Happy Families trend, where the ‘we’re all in this together’ mantra is becoming very real.” …

    Grandparents are increasingly bearing the burden of having to prop up Britain’s workers, it was claimed […]

  • Quote of the day

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  • Facebook, ads & your timeline – interview with will in fast company

    Nostalgia is a classically effective marketing tool. “It bypasses intellect and reaches straight to the heart,” William Higham, a consumer strategist who has helped brands like the BBC and Universal Music leverage nostalgia, told me earlier this year. “It makes you feel emotional toward the brand.”

    Visit Facebook’s “Say Thanks” tool, and you can automagically create […]

  • The Good and Great

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  • Can We Sort Out Our Generations? -Article by Will in Huffington Post

    Teenagers today are probably the most observed and analysed generation ever. So it’s ironic that we’re unable to come up with a definitive name for them,” says Will Higham. “Not one that refers to their parents or elder siblings. Nor one that changes weekly. But something that references the distinct era they grew up in, […]

  • Pride & Prejudice & Trends -Article by Will in Director

    “Today’s consumers are giving companies license to break down barriers, merge genres and create multi-sector products and services around their core strengths,” says Will Higham. “Companies should embrace the opportunity.”

    “Last month saw the release of ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’. Based on a New York Times bestseller, the film tells the story of what might […]