• From Ownership to Access-ship -Article by Will in 'Director'

    I sold my entire CD collection last week: 2,000 CDs. It was traumatic, but I couldn’t justify keeping them. Since the advent of iTunes all I’d done on buying a CD was remove the shrinkwrap, upload it to my computer then place it on a shelf.

    Since subscribing to Spotify last year, I’ve not even done […]

  • Wooing the Saffys – article by will in New Statesman

    “A growing segment of British youth embrace traditional values and aspire to adult behaviour,” says consumer strategist William Higham. “They defy the notion that young people are “naturally” left of centre and into “youth” issues …

    “James is watching his favourite rock band. Dressed in black, he dances aggressively, his lip and eyebrow pierced, tattoo on […]

  • The way trends spread – Feature on Will in The Hindu

    How do trends spread? Through the process of trend diffusion, says William Higham in ‘The Next Big Thing’. In scientific usage, diffusion is the process whereby liquids or gases intermingle and move from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration, he explains. Likewise, “when people who have adopted trends mingle with […]

  • Multichannel for fashion success – Interview with will in drapers

    Fashion businesses with a multichannel retail offer will lead the industry to success, according to a panel of etail specialists.

    William Higham, founder of consumer research consultancy The Next Big Thing, said personalisation will also be key. “Coffee bars and boutique cinemas have mirrored the at-home experience and we will see fashion retailers letting you browse […]

  • The Office Of The Future -Interview with Will in Director

    Today’s office, Higham believes, is woefully anachronistic – obsolete, thanks to technological progress, and also incompatible with changing social norms and expectations, especially when it comes to younger workers.

    The way in which we do our jobs is changing radically – and it’s time the workplace caught up. We asked experts to highlight what some of […]

  • VR to transform house hunting – Interview with will in Herald Scotland

    Househunters will soon be snapping up a new home using virtual reality and personalised drones, according to a report predicting future trends in the property business.

    Physically visiting a property before buying it will become increasingly less common by 2025 as virtual reality enables prospective owners to explore a three-dimensional replica of a home for sale […]

  • Make way for 'smart staff' -article by Will in Director

    The launch last month of Apple’s smart watch is just the latest in a whole range of ’smart’ products to hit the shelves in recent months: smart cars to smart phones, smart TVs to smart homes. For employers, though, the next smart trend is not about technology. It’s about people. Make way for the era […]

  • Charity donors of the future -Feature on Will in Rathbone's

    We were delighted to welcome current and prospective charities clients to the wonderful Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle for the latest in our series of Conversations. Leading the discussion was Will Higham, an expert in predicting future consumer trends, who we had asked to consider how charities might appeal to the charity donors of the […]

  • It's 'Recession Generation' not 'Gen Z' – Article by Will on LinkedIn

    “I explore many different trends in my keynote talks,” says consumer futurist Will Higham. “But one in particular has been resonating massively recently: the changing attitude of today’s teenagers.

    “The younger brothers and sisters of the Millennials, it’s clear that today’s teens are very different from the sort of teenager we’re used to. They’re less hedonistic, […]