• Real-time data analytics – Interview with Will in Director

    anks to real-time data analytics could the information revolution be entering its most disruptive phase yet? The ability of businesses to receive operational data in real time, and react accordingly, marks “the beginning of a new economy”, say experts. Here’s what the most advanced companies are doing, and how you could cash in…

    It’s a dry, […]

  • Appealing to Future Charity Consumers -Article by Will in Rathbone's

    Every era experiences change,” says consumer strategist and recent guest speaker Will Higham. “But certain eras experience more than others, especially those that come just after a major technological innovation. Gutenberg’s printing press democratized knowledge and helped usher in the Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment. James Watt’s steam engine helped power the Industrial Revolution. […]

  • what the hell is steampunk? – Article by will in huffington post

    “Steampunk is the most famous new trend that you’ve never heard of” says Will Higham. “To those in the know it’s been around for years. For others, it’s “Steam what?”

    “It’s certainly not new. The first steampunk (SP) convention took place in 2006: and the word was actually added to The Oxford English Dictionary last year. […]

  • The Internet of Things – Interview with Will in Director

    “It’s the biggest change, the biggest opportunity since perhaps the introduction of the mobile phone,” says William Higham of future-gazing strategic consultancy Next Big Thing. “It’s a genuine revolution.”

    The ‘Internet of Things’ is not just the latest buzz-term, it’s arguably the most game-changing technology of recent decades. So, what exactly is it, how is it […]

  • Peers are the new brands -Interview with Will for Voxburner

    William Higham is a consumer futurist, author, speaker and founder of trends consultancy Next Big Thing. He’ll be speaking at Youth Marketing Strategy London in March on spotting and forecasting youth consumer trends. From ‘Sidestepping’ to predicting next week’s lottery numbers, William gives us a taster of what he’ll be talking about at YMS.

    Firstly, what […]

  • Office of the future – interview with will for PlusNet

    This document outlines exciting predictions for the way that we could be working in 2030. With the
    assistance of fifteen experts, Plusnet has created an image of what might just be the office of the

    Says William Higham, author and futurist:

    “With the rise of smart phones and tablets, individuals have enormous computer power. The more their
    personal technology […]

  • Licensed to Trend -article by Will in Director

    The changing tone of Bond films can teach us about shifting consumer values and herald the benefits of ‘soft research’, writes William Higham

    As a consumer futurist, my job is to predict how consumers’ behaviour and needs are likely to evolve. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for signs of change.

    Much of this comes […]


    The trend of renting luxe products such as cars, jewellery and watches has become increasingly high-end, writes Josh Sims
    They used to say that money could buy you anything except happiness. Now it seems it can be used to rent anything except that. If the idea of paying for the temporary or fractional ownership of a […]

  • The Mate Escape -Article by Will in Huffington Post

    According to the UN, today (30th July) is ‘International Friendship Day’. So what better time to look at one of the biggest trends in Britain: the growing importance of friendship.

    From festivals to social media, we’re spending more time with our friends. A growing number of us enjoy a close group of mates that we consider […]

  • Pricing Model Trends – article by Will in Director

    I read recently about a vending machine Coca Cola introduced in Spain for its Limon Y Nada lemonade. On the outside a standard machine, what makes it unique is its pricing. At temperatures less than 26°, a can costs a regular 2 euros. But when they rise to 26-29°, the price drops to 1.40 euros. […]