Strategic Consulting

Strategy for every department

Will's consultancy Next Big Thing uses its understanding of future behaviours to drive growth across the whole organisation:

Sales - providing data to drive lead generation and commercial strategy
R&D - inspiring successful product development and innovation
Marketing - predicting future markets and consumption demand
Communications - identifying effective channels & PR-able trends
Finance - improving investment and diversification decisions
HR - driving talent acquisition and employee engagement.

Packages for every need

Next Big Thing has developed five future-proofing packages designed specifically to answer clients’ key strategic concerns:

About Next Big Thing

Globally respected futurist and strategist Will Higham launched strategic consultancy Next Big Thing in 2002.

Since it began, the company has advised media conglomerates, global financial institutions, retail giants and international telecoms companies globally. Clients range from BBC and HSBC to Budweiser and Amazon. In 2017, Will was joined by his wife Nadia, a veteran of the change management sector, whose experience has enabled the company to expand their workshop, seminar and HR offerings.


How do we predict the future?

We use behavioural research methods to analyse
evolving attitudes and environments.

Behavioural changes are typically triggered by attitude changes, which themselves are triggered by specific events. By identifying an attitude change - or identifying an event that’s likely to trigger an attitude change - we can confidently predict a behaviour change.



Next Big Thing has worked with some of the world's biggest brands:

The company has supported many companies in making important strategic decisions:

+ helped a Top 10 global telecoms company create a successful new broadcast strategy
+ inspired one of the world’s biggest banks to design products for the Boomer market
+ researched early ‘hipsters’ to help aTop 3 global beer co shed an outdated brand image
+ created a luxury trends report that drove sales for an international media agency
+ identified new Youth attitudes that helped a global media owner boost ad revenues


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