Will Higham knows your customers’ future needs

Will Higham knows your customers’ future needs

Next Big Thing founder Will Higham is a popular futurist speaker, conference chair and panel moderator. 
He’s inspired multiple audiences at conferences and management away-days from San Antonio to Manila.
Will helps audiences better understand:
• what their customers will want in the future
• what that means for them and for their company
• the business opportunities that new trends offer
• how companies can avoid getting left behind

Audiences love Will’s talks

Audiences love his talks

“Will’s provocative insights inspired the audience to think up new ways to serve tomorrow’s consumer.”

Matt Houston, Director of Strategy, Primark

“Will offered great insights into how consumers are changing and how companies will need to adapt.”

Michaela Ridgeway, Financial Times

“Will was engaging and thought provoking and set our agenda for change. It was great working with him.”

Mike Hulse, Senior Sales Manager, Philips

Engaging and insightful

Engaging and insightful

Watch some examples of Will Higham in action at conferences and on film.
He has an engaging, intimate style, which makes it easy to relate to and appreciate the future trends and behaviours he describes.
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In-person and online

In-person and online

Will is just as engaging online as he is in-person.
Watch a clip from Will’s virtual keynote at the 2020 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Conference.
“It was a superb session, especially in the difficult environs of Zoom. The delegates found it really valuable.” Kevin Richardson, CEO, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Talks to inform and inspire

Talks to inform and inspire

Many of your customers’ behaviours and attitudes changed during Covid. But which will they retain after lockdown ends? Will family, locality, community and safety still matter? And how might that impact your company? What threats and opportunities might it offer? 
We’ve created a practical, predictive webinar that helps you anticipate the needs and behaviours of your Post-Pandemic Consumer.
Find out what the business world could look like in two, five or even ten years. How will consumers think and behave? What will drive purchase? What technology, regulations and public opinion will dominate? 
Let Will Higham reveal your business future in this insightful, inspiring and surprising talk.

Community is seeing a real resurgence. It was simmering before Covid, but 2020’s events have supercharged its importance. Local neighbourhoods and community groups are set to wield extraordinary power.

Will explains the trend and what it means for businesses: and identifies five ways it will help you to win new loyal customers.

Forecasting the future is a science, but it’s a simple one to understand if you have the right people to help you.
In this talk, Will Higham shares the secrets of trend prediction: revealing the ingredients and recipe for Futures success.
He also shows you how you can embed innovation and forecasting effectively into your enterprise. 

The first purpose-built office opened 300 years ago. Since then, workplaces have actually changed very little, compared to sectors like transportation or communications. But with today’s employee and consumer attitudes having shifted so radically, they’re set for a revolution.  


Structures, hierarchies and communication will need to be rethought. So will training, innovation and remuneration. Purpose will need to be at the heart of the organisation, not just a box to tick.

In this talk Will shows you ways to change your workplace to suit tomorrow’s business landscape. And how to do so before your employees leave for organisations that already have.

A perfect storm of e-commerce, increased consumer power and the waning desire for retail therapy have all put pressure on the High Street. Chain after chain has announced closure – or bankruptcy. But new consumer attitudes and behaviours are on the rise that could provide a lifeline for retail. 

In this talk, Will Higham explores the most exciting of these new trends, and shows how retailers can use them to drive more footfall and even brand loyalty. Spoiler alert: it’s all about three Cs: Control, Comfort and Community. 

With so many different theories and generations around, trying to appeal to young people, as producer, service or employer, is proving harder and harder.

Will cuts through the confusion to introduce you to today’s three young generations, Y, Z and Alpha; show you what sets each apart; and identify practical ways to appeal to each. 

Watch an edit of Will’s talk: ‘Post Pandemic Consumers’
Find a talk to suit you
Find a talk to suit you

Will can engage any audience