Will Higham is one of the UK's most popular and trusted speakers on Futures and Strategy.

He combines passion with usability and strategic inspiration with reliable insights. He paints practical pictures of tomorrow’s business and consumer landscapes, and explores the implications.

Will chairs, moderates and speaks at a wide variety of events, run by global brands, industry bodies and media leaders: Barclaycard and ABTA to The Financial Times and Retail Week. Events this year took Will from Manila to Austin TX.

Will's talks give you four ways to win

* Alert you to future threats, disruptions and competitors
* Identify the commercial opportunities new behaviours offer
* Deliver insights from multiple industries and years of experience
* Leave you better prepared for the future - and inspired to innovate

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“Will offered provocative new insights, inspiring us to think of new ways to serve tomorrow’s consumer.”

Matt Houston, Director of Strategy, Primark

“Will delivered great insights into changing consumer attitudes and how retailers will need to adapt."

Michaela Ridgeway, Financial Times Global Conferences

Talks for all occasions

Will can speak on consumer futures in any sector. Explore his clients' four favourite keynotes below.

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