Will Higham gets his audiences ‘future ready’

Will Higham gets his audiences ‘future ready’

Next Big Thing founder Will Higham knows what your customers will want from you tomorrow – and can’t wait to tell you all about it. He’s an expert at shaking audiences out of old fashioned mindsets and getting them ready to face the future.
He is a popular futurist speaker, conference chair and panel moderator. He has inspired multiple audiences – at conferences and senior management away days – from San Antonio to Manila.
Will helps audiences better understand:
• what their customers will want in the future
• what that means for them and their company
• the business opportunities new trends offer

Audiences love Will’s talks

Audiences love his talks

“Will offered great insights into how consumers are changing and how companies will need to adapt.”

Michaela Ridgeway, FT Live, Financial Times Events

“Will was engaging and thought provoking and set our agenda for change. It was great working with him.”

Mike Hulse, Sales Director, Philips

“William got the brief exactly, and delivered just the kind of speech we wanted him to.”

Laura Kozasvili, Head of Events, British Property Federation

“A superb session, especially in the difficult environs of Zoom. The delegates found it really valuable.” 

Kevin Richardson, CEO, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Big concepts and … 

Big concepts and … 

Netflix’s acclaimed new documentary series ‘The Future Of’ explores what the world will be like in the far future. Will is one of the few Britons interviewed – and is featured in two of the six episodes.

… intimate discussions

… intimate discussions

Will is a popular interviewee across media: known for a conversational style that makes complex future concepts easy to digest. 
Here he talks to Champions about what will define tomorrow’s most successful companies.

“Will is an unfailingly reliable source of clever and provocative insights into cultural and business trends.”

Josh Sims, journalist (Financial Times, Guardian, Wallpaper)

Insightful and engaging 

Insightful and engaging

Talks about the future have the potential to be both complex – especially around technology  – and intimidating in their implications.
But Will has an engaging, intimate style, which makes it easy for audiences to understand the future he predicts. 
He help people see both how it relates to their own lives – and the opportunities it offers for their businesses. 

Inspiring and practical

Inspiring and practical

Will opens audiences’ minds up to the fascinating – and often surprising – possibilities of the future. And explores what it means strategically for them and their customers.
But he ensures he always distils this into practical insights they can use when they return to their desks.

“Will’s provocative insights really inspired the audience to think up new ways they could serve tomorrow’s consumer.”

Matt Houston, Director of Strategy, Primark

Watch Will in Beirut …

Watch William in action in Beirut …

Will addresses global retail CEOs at the BIFEX conference in Beirut: explaining why customers’ brains can be more disruptive than any new technology.

… and at Birmingham NEC

… and at Birmingham NEC

Watch Will at the first post-lockdown Autumn Fair last year: inspiring retailers to prepare for the future by building on traditional retail values.

Talks to inform and inspire

Talks to inform and inspire

With the worst of the pandemic over, but with Britain entering a major cost of living crisis, what new strategies will businesses need to adopt if they’re to attract customers over the next three years? 

Will has created a brand new talk to help companies answer this question – and build an effective strategy to reach tomorrow’s Cash-strapped Consumer. 

He reveals how a pent-up desire for spending is combining with a decline in disposable income to create a new consumer mindset: that is both value- and values-driven. One that will see people “mending, lending and seesaw spending”.

The talk explores all the implications for product and purchase choice. And reveals the practical, cost-effective ways that businesses should respond.

With older Millennials starting to hit their 40s (yes, really), the future of Youth marketing will be about the younger end of Gen Z and their even younger siblings Gen Alpha.

Find out what tomorrow’s young consumers are likely to want and expect from brands; and three guaranteed ways you can appeal to them.

You’d think, given the uncertainties in the world today that people would cling onto any job they can for safety. Yet, as we’re all too aware, we’re seeing an unprecedented wave of resignations and rising employee expectations & demands.

So, what’s happening? And how, in the face of all this can you encourage the best staff to come to you, stick with you – and put their heart and soul into the organisation?

This talk answers both those questions, leaving audiences:

  • with a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of the post-Covid employee 
  • equipped with ideas to attract and inspire employees over the next 2-5 years
  • Able to create a much more future-proof HR strategy

Customers today are less loyal than they’ve ever been. But in future this will change. As Community becomes increasingly important to them, more and more consumers will become Loyalty Seekers: actively searching out brands they can trust, ‘belong’ to – and be loyal to.

This talk shows you how to attract these new consumers, by building a ‘Brand Family’: with your customers, products and employees all interacting as one big family group..

To survive tomorrow, retailers will need to re-make their shops to appeal to customers’ new needs and values.

One of these is the growing demand for Community and Locality among consumers. A trend that’s been supercharged by the pandemic.  

Physical retail space provides a great opportunity to really take advantage of the trend. And, with e-commerce rates skyrocketing, is one of the few cost-effective ways to drive sales in-store.

This talk shows you how – and why – to do that. From leveraging local talent and supporting local businesses, to identifying and catering to specific local demands.

Forecasting the future is a science, but it’s a simple one to understand if you have the right people to help you.

In this talk, Will Higham shares the secrets of trend prediction: revealing the ingredients and recipe for Futures success. He shows you how you can embed innovation and forecasting effectively into your own enterprise, to create a true Innovation Culture. 

Household composition has remained comparatively stable in recent decades. But that’s all set to change!

More and more children are staying at home into their 30s. Dependent grandparents are moving in. Family and  neighbours are becoming more important. E-commerce and delivery more available. 

Over the next 10 years, we can expect households to get bigger. More Three Generation Families, high-end shared housing, and Live Work Play spaces. All of which have major implications for a range of industries: insurance to food service, consumer goods to personal technology.

Will Higham offers you a glimpse into the household of future. What it means for your business. And the huge commercial opportunities – and threats-  it offers across sectors.

The most common word in any CEO interview today is “uncertainty”. So how can you prepare for an uncertain future? 

I’ve identified four simple steps every company can take to prepare themselves for the customer of the future.  

  1. Track trends: determine how customers’ behaviours are changing

  2. Identify new needs: create strategies based on what customers will want

  3. Become change-ready: build adaptability into your structures & culture

  4. Diversify what you do: avoid future threats by finding new revenue streams & models 

In this talk, I guide the audience through each step – leaving them Future Ready, all set to appeal to the Customer of Tomorrow.
Will understands what tomorrow’s consumers, clients and employees will think, want, expect and do.
He can adapt that knowledge to address whatever business question you have on the future, whether you are organising:
  • a senior leadership team away day
  • an industry conference
  • a company-wide ‘inspiration session’
  • a thought leadership event for clients

Will’s talks have inspired audiences across industries