Will Higham is one of the UK’s most popular and trusted speakers on Futures and Strategy.

He combines passion with usability and strategic inspiration with reliable insights. He paints practical pictures of tomorrow’s business and consumer landscapes, and explores the implications.

Will chairs, moderates and speaks at a wide variety of events, run by global brands, industry bodies and media leaders: Barclaycard and ABTA to The Financial Times and Retail Week. Events this year took Will from Manila to Austin TX.

Will’s inspiring talks:
  • help audiences make friends with change: identifying the commercial opportunities disruption offers
  • act as a powerful wake-up call: alerting audiences to unexpected threats, disruption and competition
  • offer insights and examples from multiple industries and 15 years of trends experience
They address key concerns:
  • price vs privacy vs convenience
  • skills needs and shortages
  • online vs offline vs omnichannel retail
  • ownership vs access-ship
  • new luxury and premium drivers
  • how to appeal to new consumers
Will’s talks explain:
  • how to take advantage of new opportunities
  • ways to embed innovation into the enterprise
  • how to anticipate and head off outlier competitors
  • which trends will impact specific industry sectors
Audiences come away from Will’s talks:
  • More informed about, and prepared for, the business future
  • With practical growth strategies they can action immediately
  • Confident that neither they nor their company will get left behind
  • Excited, inspired … and ready to start innovating
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